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Why should you consider joining Kiwanis?

  • To make our community a better place

  • To help our local kids and the children of the world

  • To make new friends and get acquainted in the community

  • For personal growth and leadership opportunities


Why did these people join Kiwanis?

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Who can join?

Kiwanis is open to adult men and women who share a passion for serving children and are dedicated to improving our community and the world.


What are the expectations of Kiwanis membership?

  • Attend weekly club meetings with speakers on timely topics, a good dinner, fun and sociability

  • Serve on a committee to plan and carryout projects

  • Participate in club work projects and fund raising activities

  • Promote Kiwanis in our community

  • Pay applicable membership fees

  • Be proud to be a Kiwanian


Members are not required to attend every meeting or participate in every project but one’s enjoyment is usually related to the level of one’s participation. No member participates in everything, but most contribute several hours a month outside of weekly meetings.


New members are the source of new project ideas. Through Kiwanis, a new member can bring an idea and see it become a reality through the efforts of club members.


How do I become a member?

  • Contact us and we will invite you to visit one of our meetings as our guest, without obligation.

  • Get to know some of the members. Ask questions about what we do. Study the materials you will be given.

  • When you are ready, let us know of your interest and complete a short application.

  • New member candidates are proposed by an existing member (sponsor).

  • Proposals for membership are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.


Please Contact Us

Club Secretary: Terry Carroll

Phone: 517-349-2028

Email:  Please use the form on the contact us page.

Address: 2182 Butternut, Okemos, MI 48864




Member Testimonials

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Pam Fraley - I joined Kiwanis several years ago when I was single and lived in Adrian. The Kiwanis Club of Adrian offered many opportunities for service projects throughout the community as well as social activities. It was a large club of over 100 members so it also offered many business contacts when needed. As a member of the Adrian club, I was given the opportunity to work with the Key Club which is the high school version of Kiwanis. This gave me additional insight into the Kiwanis Family and its outreach to all ages. I also took on the leadership role of president of the club in 2000 which gave me the opportunity to learn more about Kiwanis being an International organization which serves people throughout the world as well as those in our local community. After getting married and moving to Webberville, I wanted to continue to be a part of the Kiwanis organization. I am currently a member of the Kiwanis Club of Okemos, serving as president. I continue to enjoy serving our surrounding communities. We give dictionaries to the third graders in the Okemos community. We build benches and help with the Harris Nature Center. We donate books to summer school programs and provide a Christmas party for children who are wards of the court. In 2010 Kiwanis International adopted a world-wide service project to eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus throughout the world. This project has saved the lives of many mothers and infants. Projects such as these make me proud to say that I am a Kiwanian.


Larry Bacon - I was asked to attend a Kiwanis meeting and, although I remained busy following retirement, I finally attended.  I was impressed with the array of well-known community leaders who had been members previously.  I also enjoyed both the fellowship with the current members and information gained from speakers at the weekly meetings. Kiwanis has provided me opportunities to participate and lead in a number of local building projects, e.g., benches in parks.  Our projects and fund raising efforts provided me a great opportunity to get to know fellow members, and provided to me a sense of ownership in all that Kiwanis achieves at the Club, State, and International levels.


Alex Brace - Through community presentations that my work organization was making, I was lucky enough to attend a meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Okemos. I was honored to be invited to join this great organization. I came to a few more meetings as a guest to learn more about Kiwanis was about. After those few weeks, I was hooked. Most of my life has been spent participating in some sort of volunteer capacity. I was at a perfect point in my life where I wanted to do more of that and Kiwanis was the perfect opportunity. I have a passion for working with children that has shone through my volunteer and career experiences. To find out Kiwanis emphasizes bettering the lives of children on a local and global scale was a fantastic realization to have. Getting to come to meetings and enjoy the fellowship of other people who have a sincere interest in improving the lives of others is a great feeling. I’m very thankful that I have found Kiwanis at this time in my life and I look forward to being an active member for many years to come.


Jim Decker - Following a corporate transfer in the early 70's to the Muskegon area, I wanted to become involved in my new community.  I became a member of the Kiwanis Club of Mona Shores which provided the ability to quickly assimilate into my new community.  Through Kiwanis, I now had the opportunity to be personally involved with my community and experienced the profound satisfaction in giving something back.  At the same time, I also found a social environment within Kiwanis that endures to this day. In 1976, I accepted a position in the Lansing area.  Now as a Kiwanian, I sought out a club that would fit my needs and found the Okemos Kiwanis Club.  My long term membership with the Okemos club has exceeded all expectations of what it means to be an integral part of a team serving the community. Our accomplishments are due to dedication accompanied by the growth of new friendships and the overall membership camaraderie.


Frank Moss - I joined Kiwanis in Charlotte early in my working career. I wanted to be involved in service to the community and become better acquainted with people in the area. Kiwanis remained part of my life when I moved to Flint, where I lived for over 10 years, and to my present location in the greater Lansing area. I have found Kiwanians are great people and are wonderfully loyal friends. You really get to know and appreciate people as you work with them on our various projects. Helping to fill emergency weekend food packages for elementary school children to take home is a great way to make friends. It is exciting and heartwarming to observe the children at the Christmas Party for the Wards of the Court. Helping others makes me feel good. I think everyone is affected positively by service to others.


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